Tuesday, June 18, 2013


First and last name: Rick Jason Villaflor

Title: SrEnthusiasm

Date of birth: 9.8.1995

Phone number: 09164145589

E-mail: srenthusiasm@gmail.com

City: Quezon City

Municipalities: Manila

Republic: Philippines

State: National Capital Region

Citizenship: Filipino


Informatics College Diliman 2004-2008: I'm a Informatics student and independent, unemployed, ongoing OJT, I'm 20 years old, I mostly liked the video editing, and 3d modeling. Also, I've mastered the Photoshop over 5 years. I can see there's a future for me, for my family.

Ernesto Rondon High School 2008-2009: the main reason why this just 1 year of my S.Y is caused by bullying. I've volunteered to my father's job a fish dealer for a year. I transferred to Quezon City Academy (Private High School) about 2009-2013 of my S.Y here, it has awesome campus and guts in there, and the room It was so comfy compared to the ERHS.

Mines Elementary School 2003-2007: my grade school was just fine. I remember my dad have been late during my graduation ceremony, he was on the outside of the fence. He's watching me just a half of ceremony.


Filipino/English average


Drawing, Video Editing, Photo Editing and 3D Modeling.

About SrEnthusiasm

Since May 2011 I started doing mods and graphics mod for GTA IV and my original name was RSocialClubTV - the name came from the logo of Rockstar Games' Rockstar Games Social Club TV; The "R" badge next white "SocialCLub", and "TV" in a tv figure. If you mentioned Rockstar Social Club TV intro with TV effect on YouTube, that's why R-SocialClub-TV. And until now that this name still exists to some GTA modding sites were no longer to edit my username. 

If you mentioned my first video on YouTube, this truck promo had titles w/c my name is in the video. Watch 

This is why I called "SrEnthusiasm" since April 23, 2013, I began modding from Toyota Tundra mod for GTA IV w/c is I started from it because I've been retired of this experience from modding for a couple of years, and also it was my first video on YouTube. and yeah Hello, this is my first blog, I keep updating here with two topics; My GTA mods and my recent PC Builds for years.