Friday, May 6, 2016

50% World War II Mod Pack

This is my first ever mod for GTA V. I created this mod for armed vehicles, choppers, and all weapons...also Minigun's bigger muzzle flash is here. I hope u enjoyed it...
Some of the mods aren't mine and not included in the download file, I'd put it as links in the "ReadMe.txt" instead,

When I was playing GTA V, My favorite there is a shoot-out, I mentioned how far I am now and I realised this is not hardcore yet. And now, these guys trying to improve their efforts for mods and scripts. I downloaded the Mini Bodyguard Menu since  May 1, 2015. Later, next was the Army Response script since Feb 16, 2016, and so on. Which I've compiled these mods as World War II Pack but It isn't the title because many previous mods are already titled it but their mods don't include the armed vehicles, they just modded the weapons. I've edited only the "xml" and "dat" files which the armed vehicles adjustment is in here. The minigun has finally enhanced, I added bigger muzzle flash to be realistic, and also with smokes particles on the .50 caliber machine gun mounted on the tank.

Please the Mini Bodyguard Menu TIPS. Spawn ur guards as nonstop..bguards will ignore u from out of 7 but they'll be sharper, try to spawn the bodyguard to everywhere, they should look like a real world war besides this mod is ain't It's not converted as a script, you have to manual spawning the soldiers, tanks, armed vehicles, and you don't have to spawn any plane for your smart bodyguards  because base on the script Bodyguard Squads Script Mod, your bodyguards won't able to equip any plane. In five star wanted level, of course, yes your enemy planes will spawn to the air with replaced mod of Messerschmitt BF-109 E.
(links in the readme txt)

Use it for as ur ally with tanks (you can custom it in the "advanced_bodygyards.ini")
example 4X4 is LAVAD
TANK is T90
TANK is panther

Carpet Bomber by CamxxCore

Army & Federal Response by Ghost_Rolly

Changelog for 50% version 
-  Bigger explosions and bigger flash on tank turrets
- All modded rifles changed smoke particles.
- All weapons ( latest patch 1.31 included) = enhanced
- All USMC vehicles by SkylineGTRFreak = enhanced
- World War II Tanks add-on by linhkits = enhanced
- 3 tank add-ons from linhkts = enhanced
- All Tanks and gunships = semi-enhanced
- Added World War II black and white Reshade.

Possible updates soon...


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