Saturday, July 6, 2013


Rick Jason's To Let him Alive is one of the most epic in the GTA IV shootout series, the story is all about Niko's life and fighting against cops. Niko could live at anywhere, around in the LC. 

In Episode 1. The first that thing happened was escaping from a robbery in the bank of Liberty City. He's with Packie and Derrick during the robbery in the bank. When they were getting near to their base. Niko wants to split the mission from Derrick and Packie and was kept going. Niko just jumped off from the van with holding a double-barrel shotgun and his cash just thrown into passing the truck with sand. And that he continued going to his home.

At the moment, he was thinking about the plan to escape. He already knows that the cops are coming for his home and raid it. Niko's in trouble and keeps fighting it until he could escape. The most epic battle of this video was the random gunfire from a collision of guns from the cops once they got shot when a police officer killed and the shotgun/pistol/MG falling once this thing touches the ground, then goes fire, the funny is nobody hurt from random gunshots.

Episodes 2 was a little bit of hard for cops. Niko vows to get out of his house in immediately, very quick, and therefore he's already surrounded from the outside. Niko's run out of ammo. He got the another gun from a dead cop and continuing his action until he could escape and out. Another incoming police to the door and he'd shoot them out until he could escape. After the shootout, Niko rides with his 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle and the police chopper sees him riding his car and kept chasing Niko. When Niko nearly there with a cop car from behind at the bridge of Sing Sing Ave. across to Northen Expressway, Niko rams those both enforcer police trucks then, he leaving just a grenade and Niko got it - blew up to the cop car behind. When nearly there towards to tollbooth, Niko blew them up again with a grenade. Niko kept shoot while driving on a car chase scene.

When Niko arrived at the Perestroika Club, And he would like to consume them using the club. Niko just got a Javelin rocket launcher, the impact hits Niko. Meanwhile, Niko entered the club. Cops entered too. Meanwhile, Niko has entered the counter which the lady was still there. Niko tricked the cops by blind shooting with the Colt Python .357 Magnum. After 3 minutes, Niko hides under the bar counter, and it keeps shooting, The funniest scene was Niko's headshot hit for the chubby cop and he using the M4 tactical assault rifle got it from the dead SWAT. It's been 5 minutes, Niko returning to the main counter, and back to his Colt .357 Magnum. This time, Niko got many score headshots from cops by his blind shoot. At the end, accidentally the cop fronts to Niko. Therefore he killed them like a gunslinger. Then, he continues his action and, Niko shot the chopper down then, he rides his muscle car and now he could get away from it.

(Episode 3 and 4's  is in the works...)



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