Friday, March 4, 2011

Fixed Bridge In Bohan

From the Leavenworth Ave, Northern Expressway to the Attica Ave, Rocket St.
I built a bridge using garage door for the main floor. the total is 883 objects.
I spent 3 days for this mod. Gathering the objects without glitch or any collision, but It's dangerous xD

For Patch: only

This is the first time I created a map a bridge in Bohan. For GTA IV EFLC not yet finished w/c the carpenter had not been always there they call up a plan which shall continue the bridge.
It did RSocialClubTV derived from "Garage door" after combined fixture.

Go to Grand Theft Auto IV file directory. For EFLC directory file. Once your are in-game
then, open the Trainer, object spawning, go to the "More objects spawned below then load object10
Now, wait a few minutes to respawning these garage doors.


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